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Carriage Bolts Suppliers In The UK

If you’re looking for carriage bolts suppliers in the UK, you can rely on Bolt World for extensive support.

At Bolt World we supply nuts, bolts and similar to those in need of home improvement items. Whether you need a small or large selection of goods, we can make sure you’re fully equipped with the tools needed to complete the task at hand.

Carriage bolts have a number of purposes and can be especially useful for holding fixtures in place for longer terms. They are mostly known for being used in wood applications, but can be used for other areas where a smooth or flat surface is intended.

We have many different types of carriage bolts available for you to choose from, including; M10s, M6s and much more. No matter what you’re seeking, we’re confident we can supply your ideal bolts to you at a reasonable cost.

To find out more and make a purchase, don’t hesitate to take a look through our website or contact us directly for further advice and support.

In addition to carriage bolts, we also supply roofing bolts, folded eye bolts and much more. Do take a look around to what else is available to you.