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Stainless Steel Coach Bolts

We deal with Carriage bolts A2 stainless steel which is also known as coach bolt or round head square neck bolt. Carriage bolts A2 stainless steel have several applications but usally Carriage bolts use fasten metal to wood. Carriage bolts have a domed head which prevent loosing from one side.

The Carriage Bolt A2 stainless steel is manufactured to DIN 603

We also have all the sizes of Carriage bolts we have M5 Carriage bolts, M6 Carriage bolts, M8 Carriage bolts, M10 Carriage bolts, M12 Carriage bolts and M16 Carriage bolts.

Boltworld is the premium supplier of fasteners and screws. We are the best supplier of Carriage bolts A2 stainless steel in the UK. We deal in bulk and as well as in loose.
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