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Metric Hexagon Bolts

Boltworld is the leading supplier of best quality Fasteners and Hexagons are the best sellers of all. We have different kinds of hexagon screws in which we have Hexagon Head Bolt one of them.

Hexagon Head Bolt are partially threaded bolts in which we have 3 kinds of Hexagon Head Bolt. We have Hexagon Head Bolt A2 stainless steel, Hexagon Head Bolt Zinc plated and Hexagon Head Bolt self colour.

Our Hexagon Head Bolt is manufactured to DIN 931.

We also offer different sizes of Hexagon Head Bolt like we have M5 Hexagon Head Bolt, M6 Hexagon Head Bolt, M8 Hexagon Head Bolt, M10 Hexagon Head Bolt, M12 Hexagon Head Bolt, M16 Hexagon Head Bolt, M20 Hexagon Head Bolt, M22 Hexagon Head Bolt, M24 Hexagon Head Bolt and M30 Hexagon Head Bolt.

We also offer different kind of hexagon bolts like we have Hexagon set screw UNC and Hexagon set screw UNF.
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