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About Us

BoltWorld® is your destination for all of your home improvement items, including hardware, fasteners and fastener accessories. Whether you need nails, rivets or screws, we have all of the quality fasteners you need for all your projects. Nuts and bolts work together to keep materials securely fastened while washers and spacers will provide a tight fit and prevent rubbing. Collated nails, screws and staples are set up to easily load into your tools and fasten consistently every time. Whether you are working on rafters or masonry, we have all of the structural connectors and reinforcements you need to secure all of your projects. If your project requires specific or hard-to-find components, check out our selection of Builder Matal Work. We even have hardware and fasteners for easy home improvement projects in your home or backyard. Securely hang your pictures and mirrors with our selection of picture and mirror hanging hardware. Set up your gate with ease with gate hardware, including hinges, latches, pulls and more. 

We carry a great selection of utility hardware for indoor and outdoor structures. These products are also great for hobbies and crafts. Keep your gates or yard buildings securely shut with security barrel bolts. For added security, install a hasp and add a padlock to keep unwanted visitors from accessing your personal property. Reinforce and repair corners of household items and structures with corner and flat braces. You can purchase hooks and screw eyes separately or together with hook and eye sets. We also have durable and reliable turnbuckles for easy adjustments.

Update the look and performance of your cabinets with our selection of cabinet hardware. Your cabinet doors will swing open with ease with cabinet hinges while cabinet catches will keep them securely closed. Your drawers will glide open when you install drawer slides. You can easily update the look of your cabinets and drawers by adding knobs and pulls. 

We have all of the door and window hardware you need to install and maintain your doors and windows. Keep your home secure with our selection of door locks and home security and entry door hardware. Installing quality residential hinges will allow your door to open smoothly. Doorstops can protect your doors and walls from damage from opening a door too far. Your drapes will hang perfectly over your windows when you install drapery hardware. 

Not sure, what you need, please give a call to our specialist team on 01375 767780 to help you further.