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Hex Head Tek Screws for Heavy Steel Section with Bonded EPDM Washer BLACK Stainless Steel A4

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    23569.550.038 Evolution 5.5 x 38mm Hex Head Tek Screws A4BM38-5 – TEK4 Screw + Washer for Heavy Steel Section 4.0mm to 12.5mm in BLACK A4 BiMetal
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    Hardened carbon steel drill tip fused on to an A4-316 Austenitic Stainless Steel body
    Used for attaching metal to heavy section steel (Max. 12mm) without the need to pre-drill a hole.
    Thread length does not include screw head
    Fitted with a 16mm EPDM bonded aluminium washer
    Super hard and sharp carbon steel drill tip gives consistent, accurate drilling

    Identical to the heavier duty standard hex headed self drilling screw or tek screw, tek 5, with the addition of the integrated EPDM washer for situations where a waterproof seal is required. For attaching to heavy steel section of thickness between 4.0mm and 12.5mm.

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