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Blind Rivet Nuts

Rivet nuts are internally threaded inserts used in applications with thin material (wall) thickness (also known as rivnuts, blind nuts, or nut-serts). For high strength fastening with bolts and other threaded objects, they make a strong thread in thin sheets of material.

They are dependable fasteners that are simple to instal and may create a strong load-bearing thread in thin materials.

Flat head knurled round open, flat head knurled round closed, countersunk head knurled round open, countersunk knurled round closed, reduced head knurled round open, reduced head knurled round closed, flat head full hexagon open, reduced head full hexagon open, flat head part hexagon open, and reduced head part hexagon open are among the varieties of rivet nuts we offer. Depending on the product, these come in M3 to M12 sizes and are available in aluminium, steel zinc, Clr Tri8, A2 stainless steel, and A4 stainless steel.