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Rubber Well Nut

if you looking for rubber well nuts uk, here it is. we have all types of rubber fasteners. rubber well nut is one of them.

Rubber well nuts with threaded brass insert
Comprise of a flanged rubber sleeve with captive brass nut.
Sizes given are thread diameter x fixing length.
Offer excellent electrical isolation & vibration resistance.
No special tools required.
Simply place the fixing in the hole, insert a bolt and tighten to expand the sleeve.
Ideal for fixing to cavity walls & hollow blocks.
The grip range is the thickness of material the nuts will tighten into, thinnest to thickest
Can be used with any type of bolt.

Accepts standard metric threaded bolts, machine screws or threaded bar
Sometimes known as Wellnuts or Ankernuts

EPDM rubber sleeve with captive brass thread expands on tightening to grip sides of hole. (EPDM rubber nut)

Suitable for use in irregular shaped holes, hollow materials and cavities

Provides a vibration resistant fixing and absorbs noise.

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