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Hexagon Setscrews

We are the best suppliers of Hexagon set screw Metric which has a flat point and full thread body. These can be fit by standard spanner or a ratchet.
Boltworld have different kinds of Hexagon Head Set Screws such as we deals with
*Hexagon head Set Screws A2 stainless steel.
*Hexagon head Set Screws A4 Marine grade stainless steel.
*Hexagon head Set Screws Zinc plated 8.8
*Hexagon head Set Screws self colour.
*Hexagon head Set Screws High tensile galvanised.
*Hexagon (fine pitch) Set Screws yellow passivated 8.8
*Shear bolt A2 stainless steel.
We also deals with Plastic cover caps of the Hexagon Set Screws.
We have different sizes of these Hexagon Set Screws like we have M2.5 Hexagon Set Screws, M3 Hexagon Set Screws, M4 Hexagon Set Screws, M5 Hexagon Set Screws, M6 Hexagon Set Screws, M8 Hexagon Set Screws, M10 Hexagon Set Screws, M12 Hexagon Set Screws, M16 Hexagon Set Screws, M20 Hexagon Set Screws, M24 Hexagon Set Screws, M27 Hexagon Set Screws and M30 Hexagon Set Screws.
We assure you the high quality of Hexagon Head Set Screws in best prices in the UK, as we are the best suppliers of Hexagon Set Screws in the UK.
We also care about our customers so if you have any problem finding any product or you want to order online just give us a call or contact us.