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UNF Lock Nuts

We are UK’s leading supplier of a wide selection of nuts which ranges and Hexagon Lock Nut and flange lock nut, look no further than the range offered by Bolt World Fasteners. We offer selection of nuts which meets every customer’s needs and requirements and, as such, offer the range of nuts which you can browse below.

These UNF lock nuts are commonly used in conjunction with a standard nut to prevent loosening in service or specifically used within the Motorsport Industry for use as locking nuts. Hex half nuts are often reffered to as Jam nuts, Lock Nuts, and Thin Nuts. As the name suggests these are a thinner nut than the standard Hex Full Nuts.

The selection of nuts which we offer encompasses pretty much all of the different types of nut you could require, however if you’re struggling to find something to meet your individual needs and requirements, we urge you to give our friendly and helpful team a call on 01375 767780 so we can discuss the best products with you directly.