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Why use Brass Panel Pins?

Brass Panel Pins frequently employed to attach hardware to jewellery boxes and other handmade crafts. Since these escutcheon pins are made of solid brass, they won’t corrode and go great with brass hardware. For a tidy, finished appearance, they feature a domed head. a variety of sizes are available to meet your needs. Panel pins are small gauge nails that are ideal for delicate woodworking tasks since they won’t tear the material. They are frequently employed in joinery, cabinet construction, and gluing veneer and mouldings.

The best fixing to use on the back of cabinets and closets is a panel pin. Panel pins are thin, light nails that, when put into position, add strength. To cabinets, wardrobes, and joinery work, they are typically used to attach skirting or backboards.

Brass and copper both have strong corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity. Brass is not as good of a conductor as copper, which is why copper is used in electrical wiring. Since brass is more durable than copper, electrical plug pins are made of brass.

The thin panel pin is ideal for fastening the backs of closets and cabinets. Typically employed in cabinet and joinery work, such as joining skirting. Panel pins are tiny and delicate, yet when in place, they offer strength.

Bolt World is specialized in all types of Panel Pins including Steel Zinc Panel Pins, Stainless Steel Panel Pins and Brass Panel Pins. Please do contact our sales team on 01375767780.