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Why to purchase Concrete Screws from us

Boltworld is the best answer if you are looking for Concrete Screws because of the high quality and reasonable selling price of our products a wide range of customers tends to buy these Concrete Screw bolts from us rather than any other place.

What is a Concrete Screw?

It is also known as Masonry screws, they are specifically designed to fix materials to masonry surface such as brick, concrete, building stone and also onto stone, concrete block and wood. Our stock of Concrete Screws includes:

Multi-Fix Concrete Screws – Yellow

Multi-Fix Concrete Screws – Bright Zinc

We also sell Concrete bolts, such as Multi-Fix Concrete Bolt, Multi-Fix Concrete Bolt – Pan and Multi-Fix Concrete Bolt – Countersunk in the same quality and reasonable prices as concrete screws. You can also scroll through a lot more on our website, anything that you are searching for your building projects.

If you need more information regarding to your purchase or have any enquiry for your order please contact +44 (0) 1375 767 780 so one of our team member can guide you.