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Where to get Timco Classic Screws?

Where to get Timco Classic Screws?

Boltworld have got you back with our wide range of classic screws including the huge range of sizes and different type. Timco classic multi-purpose screws are used threaded fasteners to hold objects together and The exceptional reliability and strength of the Timco Classic Multi-Purpose Screw enables the user to rely on one product for a variety of applications, the screw will consistently perform efficiently in hardwood, chipboard, MDF, plastic and thin sheet metal, whilst offering exceptional holding power.

You can find an extensive range of classic screws, all sort of classic zinc (yellow, black,), zinc, classic pan screw yellow and classic stainless steel and it’s also called the timco classic screws.

Timco classic screws are our most fast selling product in the uk, with amazing variety of sizes and different material; We got all sizes and types of multi use screws. If you want a classic screw specifically for wood or similar material you can check our multipurpose wood screws on our website.

We hope our product satisfy our customers and meet their needs, if you want to look for more timko classic screws you can visit our website every time or contact on +44 (0) 1375 767 780 otherwise want to information about our product so email us at [email protected].