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What use of Flooring Screws?

Flooring screws

Here’s you find one of the best UK Company for selling products in amazing prices on our website, flooring screws are one of our stock which includes C2 tongue-fix flooring screws and C2 & MDF flooring screws and other every type is available on our bolt world. These screws are suitable and performs best for complete any job quickly without any fuss.

Look we are dedicated to the industry and offer a great number of screws to customers across the UK, C2 Fix Flooring screw specially designed for attaching tongue and groove floorboards and paneling. Provides a secure hidden fixture without causing damage, allowing a flush fit with the next board and C2 MDF screw is designed for use in man-made boards such as MDF and Chipboard. The C2 twin-cut tip gives rapid pickup and reduces the likelihood of splitting; whilst the steep head design finishing teeth and self-countersinking ribs ensure a flush finish.

  • Plain shank for pulling the two substrates together without manual clamping
    • Coated with a high-molecular polymer lubricant that reduces the insertion torque by up to 52% and increases rust protection up to 20 times longer than a standard zinc plating
    • Dual angle thread gives an ultimate performance and an exceptionally high pull-out resistance
    • Patented twin cut technology for rapid “pick-up” and reduces timber splitting

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