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What are the uses of 2-Hole Security Screws?

Two-hole security screws, often known as snake eyes or pig nose screws, are available from Bolt World. These flat-headed, two-hole screws have two holes on their heads.

Bolt World provides a variety of two-hole screws, including machine screws. Snake Eye Pan head, Stainless Steel A2, 2 Hole Security Machine Screws, Snake Eye Countersunk head, and 2 Hole Security Self-Tappers Security machine screw with a snake eye raised countersunk snake eye

If you’re looking for 2 hole screws in a variety of sizes, we’ve got you covered. Every size of 2-hole screws is available in our inventory.

Popular aesthetically pleasing drive for any two-way application.

This drive system, often known as Snake Eye® or Pig Nose, is intended for applications requiring low to medium torque. It has two holes drilled into the head, therefore installing and removing it calls for a special 2-pin matching driver.

A2 stainless steel is the stock material for the full range of self-tapping and metric machine screws.

The 2-Hole drive system also accepts barrel nuts, male and female bolts, grub screws, glass screws, and large disc head screws.

Two-hole security screws, also known as Snake Eye, Pig Nose, Two Pin, and Spanner Drive Screws, provide moderate security resistance at a reasonable price. Frequently used in public elevators, on trains, and other settings where aesthetics are crucial.

We are the leading provider of 2-Hole screws in the UK since we offer both bulk and loose deliveries to your home.