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T-nuts, usually referred to as tee nuts, are a type of fastener that are frequently used in furniture
assembly and woodworking. T-nuts’ capacity to provide a strong and secure anchor point in wood is one of their main advantages. The T-nut is less likely to come loose or pull out over time because it is embedded in the wood. Because of this, T-nuts are an excellent option for applications that require a fastening solution that is both durable and long-lasting.
T-nuts arrive in various sizes and materials, including steel, hardened steel, and metal. To further protect
against corrosion, they can also be coated with other materials or zinc-plated.
A form of T-nut known as a “4 prong T-nut,” also called a “T-nut,” has four prongs or claws on the
underside of its T-shaped head. In comparison to a regular T-nut with only two prongs, these prongs are
made to grasp and anchor the T-nut firmly in the wood.

T-nuts are also known as blind nuts, and threaded inserts. The nut is shaped like a T, with a threaded barrel that extends perpendicular to the base of the T. 4 prong (T-nut) A2 Stainless Steel Is one of the material they come in, As well as 4 Prong (T-Nut) – Self Colour and 4 Prong (T-Nut) – Zinc Plated

T-nuts are commonly used to attach wooden legs or casters to furniture pieces. They are also used in cabinetry and other woodworking applications where a strong, secure attachment point is needed. The T-nut is installed by first drilling a hole in the wood, then hammering the T-nut into place so that the base of the T is flush with the surface of the wood. Once the T-nut is in place, a bolt can be inserted into the threaded barrel to attach the item to the wood.

One of the advantages of using T-nuts is that they provide a stronger attachment than a simple screw or nail. The threads on the T-nut are designed to resist pulling out of the wood, so they can be used to attach heavy items like table legs or casters. T-nuts also allow for easy disassembly and reassembly, making them useful in situations where items need to be taken apart