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Socket Cap in Stainless Steel

A socket cap screw in stainless steel is a type of machine screw that has a hexagonal socket inside of a cylindrical barrel-shaped head. The head is often just 1.5 times the nominal thread diameter, which is smaller than the majority of other machine screw heads.

There are two varieties of stainless steel socket cap screws, Hex and Torx Sockets screws, The Torx design enables a larger torque to be applied than a similarly sized traditional hex socket head without destroying the head and/or the tool.

Regular steel is slightly stronger than grade 2 steel, but at the same time it is substantially weaker when compared in terms of hardness because stainless steel has a low carbon content that cannot be hardened. While stainless steel is typically nonmagnetic, both steels have the potential to be magnetic.

Additionally, we offer socket caps screws made of stainless steel, steel zinc socket caps 12.9 grade, or High Tensile steel socket caps 12.9 grade, making them resistant to corrosion. Its placement on surfaces often involves the use of an internal hex drive. In order to bear the external forces it is subjected to, the stretched screws provide support for the clamped elements.

We range stainless steel socket caps from M1.4 to M30, call us on 01375767780 if cannot find the size you looking for.