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A wood screw is designed for wood or for similar material, a woodscrew has a point, relatively sharp thread and a thick shank, These are very similar to the chipboard screws. we are one of the best UK wood screw supply company, with a variety of wood screw sizes and wood screw types such as single thread wood screw, twin thread wood screw, also they come in wood screw flat head, countersunk head wood screws and pan head wood screws, they all are very popular wood screws head types. 

If you're looking for brass wood screws, stainless steel wood screws, black wood screws, zinc wood screws. we sell wood screw in loose and wood screw in bulk. Our multipurpose screws and high performance wood screws are also our main seller.

We cover all wood screw guage sizes like 4g wood screws, 6g wood screws, 8g wood screws, 10g wood screws, 12g wood screws and 14g wood screws.

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