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Stainless Steel All Fasteners


We are specialist in with wide range of Stainless Steel Fasteners, extensive range of all bolts and nuts, if you looking for stainless steel bolts or screws or just stainless steel washers, you are in right place. We do all types of Hexagon bolts and Socket Screws which are ideal stainless steel bolts for motorcycles, We are one of UK's largest supplier of stainless steel nuts and bolts online. Our selection of fasteners are used for applications which require A2-70 Stainless Steel or A4 Marine Grade Stainless Steel.

Bolt World is one your one stop fasteners shop for all types of stainless steel fasteners. whether they are hexagon head bolts, socket button head screws or wood screws we have all stock in stainless steel.

Our selection of bolts in both A2-70 class which is most popular and A4 class which are marine grade bolts, useful of outdoor and for inland rain water and fresh water to guide against these environments.

All are fasteners are from high reputed suppliers and you can rest assured for the quality and pricing of the all stainless steel fasteners, We also offer a range of corrosion resistance stainless steel fasteners. This grade A class 70 or 316 is one of the top corrosion resistance fasteners.This is used in marine and more hostile environments such as sewage treatment works. Whatever stainless steel fasteners you require and whatever application they are for, we are sure to have something in stock which meets your needs and requirements both in terms of functionality and price.

All our stainless steel bolts and nuts comes up with no minimum order, you can order as low as one bolt or nut. if you still cant find what you looking for please contact us on 01375767780.