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Screw means thin, sharp pointed metal pin whether short or long with raised thread running around the head, to join things together, it can be used with wood and other material to hold them tightly in place. There are number of different types of screws, like, Woodscrews, Drywall screws, Self Drilling Screws, Self-Tapping Screws, Roofing Screws, Landscape Screws. 

We provide a vast range of screws on our platform, such as, screws for brick, screws for metal, screws for concrete, screws for plasterboard, screws and nails. our prices for screws and bolts are comparatively reasonable, and by our range of different types of screws you can call us online screwshop.  

We also have screws with caps, screws and plugs, assorted screws box and screws in bulk. if you're looking for screws and plugs set or screws and wall plugs set this is the right place. we do all sizes of screws like 4g screws, 6g screws, 8g screws, 10g screws, 12g screws and 14g screws.