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Boltworld is the best supplier of Machine screws in the UK. Machine screws have flat head and round head too. Machine screws are use in to fasten metal pasts together. Machine screw have uniform diameter the entire length of the shaft as opposed to tapered screws.

We have different types of Machine screws, we have
Pozi pan Machine screw
Pozi countersunk Machine screw
Slotted Pan Machine screw
Slotted Countersunk Machine screw
Slotted raised Machine screw
Slotted cheese Machine screw

We also offer all the different sizes of each types.

Machine screws that we offer are of best quality and they all are manufactured to international standards.

We also deal with different kinds of washers and tools.

Do must check our other products. We can assure you that the delivery will be quick and the service will be great. ORDER NOW.