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We offer 2-Hole security screws which is also knows as Pig nose screw or Snake eye. These 2-Hole screws are flat headed screws which has two holes on their head.

We offer all kinds of 2-Hole screws like we have 2 hole Machine screws Snake Eye Pan head, 2 Hole Security Self-Tappers Snake eye Countersunk head, 2 Hole Security Self-tapperd snake eye Pan head Stainless steel A2, 2 Hole Security Machine Screws Snake eye Countersunk, Security Machine Screw Snake eye raised Countersunk.

If you are looking for different sizes of 2 hole Screws than we got your back. We have every size of 2-hole screw in our stock

We are the premium supplier of 2-Hole screws in the UK, as we supply in bulk and as well as in loose and we deliver fast at your home.
We got every fastener that you are looking for in low price rate and also with superb discounts.