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Look no more for screw caps and covers, Boltworld has it all

Look no more for screw caps and covers online, Because Boltworld got your back.

Boltworld offers a wide range and choice between these screw caps and covers colours, 96 colours are available in total with gloss finishes, they can easily match about 1000s of materials. They are also called snap caps, these caps works as a protector against injury from burred and damaged fixings. It is an air and watertight seal encase the screwhead and prevents corrosion.

The security of this seal also makes the caps tamper-resistant. It saves you effort, time and money by allowing the use of cheaper fixings and more simple methods of fixings.

Alongside of screw caps we also provide a wide range of screws and washers, just whatever you need for your home improvement projects. We have self driliing and self tapping screws in every size range in stock.

And if you are looking for tools and fasteners you can find that too on our website, Boltworld has got you back for everything you are searching for.

For further enquiry contact us on +44 (0) 1375 767 780.