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Difference between Set Screws and Bolts

Bolts and set screws differ in that a set screw has a thread running the full length of it whereas a bolt only has a partial thread.

As you can see, a set screw is threaded all the way to the head, but a bolt contains a section of the shank that is not threaded. Due to the small amount of metal that is removed every time a thread is cut onto a shank, the bolt is slightly stronger than the set screw as a result. Having full threaded or part threaded is a main difference between set screws & bolts.

Bolts are typically used to hold objects in place, and a threaded nut is used to tighten and hold them in place (and often a washer). The length of the shank’s plain portion varies.

Set screws are frequently used to join two things together and are typically fully inserted into the receiving object. They frequently work with plastic, metal, and wood.

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