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Number Plate Screws and Caps

Number Plate Fixings

Use genuine Snap-Caps to protect against theft, tampering & corrosion of fixings on Number Plates!

How do Snap-Caps work?

  • Snap-Caps are a 2-part product, comprising:
  • a plastic washer (base), through which the screw or other fixing is inserted, and
  • a plastic cap (dome), which locks over the washer, providing an air & watertight seal that protects the fastener head from rust and corrosion. 

Stop wasting money fitting cover caps that don't protect your fixings

  • Problem 1 - Corrosion (Rusting) of fixings: 
  • In the UK, many dealers & owners use Hinge-Caps to cover screws & fixings on vehicle Number Plates.  Hinge-caps trap moisture under the cap, resulting in accelerated corrosion of the fixing (up to 20-times faster than if no cap was used!).


    Problem 2:  Number Plate Theft: 

    • Last year, more than 44,000 vehicles in the UK had one or both number plates stolen. Thefts have been steadily increasing each year. 
    • Thieves only need one minute, and most vehicle number plates are easy to steal:
    • if the screws are badly rusted, a number plate can often be simply pulled off in seconds
    • if hinge-caps have been used, they are easy to flip open, and a regular screwdriver does the rest in under a minute
    • Thieves would like to use your number plates for series of crimes

    Problem 3:  Aesthetics

    • You buy a new car - your Pride & Joy!  You wash it every week and really look after it.  So, you're horrified to see rust streaks emerging from the number plate fixings after about 6 months.
    • It really spoils the whole thing about having a new car when you see rust.
    • Fortunately, it's not your car that's rusting - just the number plate fixing which has been covered by a cap that lets in moisture

    The solution is a Snap!

    • Snap-Caps provide an enhanced level of protection over other cover caps on the market:
    • Snap-Caps cannot easily be picked off by hand (unlike ‘hinge’ caps), nor can the screw be unfastened by turning the cap (unlike Polytops).
    • Because thieves cannot risk spending too long on any one car, Snap-Caps add to the time a thief requires.  When combined with Security screws, the Snap-Caps disguise the presence of security screws - meaning the thief is less likely to have the necessary removal tools to hand.
    • Snap-Caps achieve an airtight & watertight seal around the head of the fixing.  This protects the head of the screw against rusting, avoiding rust stains on your car, and making your number plates MORE SECURE