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Are you searching for Threaded Rods and Bolts online?

Are you searching for Threaded Rods and Bolts online?

Boltworld have got you back with our wide range of threaded rods and bolts including the huge range of sizes.  Threaded rods are used and ideal for heavy applications and where the longer length is required in the duty. We offer all types of threaded rods this range includes Metric Threaded Bar 1M, Metric Allthreads Studs, UNC Threaded Rods and many more. You can also find round connecting nuts on our site.

Even if you are looking for Brass threaded rods, Steel threaded bars 8.8 or Threaded bars in 10.9 we have everything in stock for you. We specialise in High tensile threaded rods. You should also take a look on our Threaded bar in mild steel for best quality threaded bar in low price.

We assure the quality of our products and services to our customers, we make sure that every purchase satisfies them to the fullest and they enjoy and rely on our products.

If you need to ask any questions regarding to our products or need to get more information contact us on +44 (0) 1375 767 780 or email us on [email protected].