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Advanced Woodscrews

We have extensive range of high performance wood screws which we call advanced wood screws.

Velocity wood screw- which has been specifically designed to give rapid installation into different materials

Multi-purpose yellow and Zinc- it is a high performance multi-purpose screw, the patented twin-cut point gives a consistent and rapid pick-up and reduces timber splitting.

C2 Decking Screw - A premium decking screw using the C2 twin cut technology.

Security wood screw - 6lobe self tapping wood screws are mainly used to secure the place with unique 6lobe pin type.

Various types of wood screw set can be found on our website, wood screw and nut is our company's fast selling product, wood screw and machine screw is also highly demanded. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you still cant find what you looking for.

Advanced Wood screws