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Faithfull Plumber's Soldering Pad 1200°C 195 x 300mm - FAIGZSOLPAD

Faithfull Plumber's Soldering Pad 1200°C 195 x 300mm - FAIGZSOLPAD

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The Faithfull Plumber's Soldering Pad is a high temperature, asbestos free protective heat pad for plumbing, brazing and soldering applications. Ideal for professional soft soldering, brazing and most other plumbing applications, this heavy-duty heat pad will provide protection to surfaces against burn marks and heat damage.

For best results always insure the white side of the pad is facing towards the heat source and avoid direct flame contact with the surface of the pad for prolonged periods. If the surface of the pad begins to glow it should be moved slightly so that the flame is redirected to a previously unheated area. The pad also features an easy wipe clean back and has reinforced edging.

Recommended for use with Butane, Propane and MAPP gas.

Size: 195 x 300mm.
Withstands temperatures of up to 1,200°C.

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