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Faithfull Manhole Keys (Pack of 2) 520mm (20.4in) - FAIMHK520

Faithfull Manhole Keys (Pack of 2) 520mm (20.4in) - FAIMHK520

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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause challenges for all global logistics operations. At Bolt World we are operating as close to ‘normal’ as possible, but as you would expect delays and disruptions are inevitable under the circumstances.

These Faithfull heavy-duty manhole keys are designed to lift and remove most standard non-locking manhole covers, drain gully covers and access panels. The robust keys are zinc plated for rust protection and have rectangular T shaped key ends and large triangular shaped handles that provide a positive grip and allow easy access for gloved hands.

Supplied in pairs.

2 x Faithfull Manhole Keys Manhole Keys 520mm (20.4in)

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