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Faithfull  Button Magnet 12.5mm Power 0.7kg - FAIMAGBM125

Faithfull Button Magnet 12.5mm Power 0.7kg - FAIMAGBM125

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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause challenges for all global logistics operations. At Bolt World we are operating as close to ‘normal’ as possible, but as you would expect delays and disruptions are inevitable under the circumstances.

The Faithfull Button Magnets are made from Alnico to provide a high resistance to corrosion and operate in high temperatures up to 500°C. The north and south poles are on the same face and separated by a slot.

All sizes have holes for mounting the magnet, but they must not be recessed into ferrous metals, as it will short circuit the magnetism.

Suitable to be used as work holding devices for welding, sign making and other applications, or for reed switch operation.

Diameter: 12.5mm
Height: 9.5mm
Pull Power: 0.7kg

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