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Faithfull 1/2in TCT Router Bit Set, 15 Piece - FAIRBS15

Faithfull 1/2in TCT Router Bit Set, 15 Piece - FAIRBS15

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The Faithfull 15 Piece Router Bit Set with 1/2in shank. Tungsten carbide tips ensure long life and the storage case provides a safe place to store the bits when they are not being used. Different cutter shapes enable the creation of a variety of profiles, grooves and mouldings in softwoods, hardwoods, MDF or plywood.

Shank: 12.7mm (1/2in).


1 x Straight: 3.2 x 14mm.
1 x Straight: 6.5 x 20mm.
1 x Straight: 12.7 x 25mm.
1 x Straight: 19.0 x 20mm.
1 x Dovetail: 12.7 x 8mm.
1 x Panel Pilot: 6.5 x 30mm.
1 x Guided Flush Trimmer: 12.7 x 12mm.
1 x Mortising Cutter: 12.7 x 13mm.
1 x Core Box: R3.2mm, 7 x 6mm.
1 x 90° V-Groove: 12.7 x 10mm.
1 x 45° Guided Chamfer: 30 x 14mm.
1 x Guided Cove: R9.5mm, 30 x14mm.
1 x Guided Rabbeting Cutter: 30 x 10mm.
1 x Guided Roman Ogee: 25 x 12mm.
1 x Guided Rounding: R10mm, 32 x 16mm.

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