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Decking Screws Countersunk Square DriveA2 Stainless Steel (304)

Decking Screws Countersunk Square Drive A2 Stainless Steel (304)

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Professional quality stainless steel decking screws.
Designed for the construction of decking platforms.
Reduced diameter double countersunk head allows the screw to countersink between decking grooves.
25° sharp point for easier penetration into all wood types.
Deep single thread provides a secure fixing with high pull-out resistance.
Type 17 slash point to reduce torque and prevent wood splitting.

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Gauge / Metric (d) s dk ds k t (min) b (max)
#8 (4.80) #2 9.70 5 3.5 1.7 0.66 X 'L'
#10 (5.20) #2 9.70 5 4.0 1.7 0.66 X 'L'