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Blackjax Woodscrew, Twin-thread Round Head Pozi No.2, Black Passivated

No.6 Blackjax Woodscrew, Twin-thread Pozi Round Head Pozi No.2, Black Passivated

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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause challenges for all global logistics operations. At Bolt World we are operating as close to ‘normal’ as possible, but as you would expect delays and disruptions are inevitable under the circumstances.

A twin-threaded woodscrew with a black japanned finish designed to be used with black ironmongery.

  • Pozi recess for reduced cam out and round head for reliable clamping.
  • 60° Twin-threads with parallel shank for faster insertion and greater pull out resistance.
  • The 25° sharp point and single leading thread achieves a fast start and improved thread acceptance.
  • Pozi round head screws

Cross-recess round head Blackjax woodscrews

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