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Plasterboard & Cavity Fixings

Plasterboard & Cavity Fixings and Anchors

At BoltWorld we are one of the premiere UK supplier of Plasterboard and cavity fixings. we do all types of cavity fixings whether your professional and doing DIY at home you will find our high quality plasterboard fixings very useful.

Below are the some popular cavity fixings for plasterboard we do..

Metal Cavity Anchors - A cavity fixing that is ideal for hanging radiators, brackets, hand rails and shelving units. When installing multiple anchors a setting tool is required.

Metal Cavity Anchor - Setting Tool - A handy and efficient tool used to set cavity anchors and for  for installation of interset Hollow Wall Metal Cavity Anchor

Speed Plugs - A rapid light duty plasterboard fixing for use in a wide range of applications. 

Spring Toggle with Screws - A cavity fixing that is ideal for overhead installations. The wings spread the load over a wider area making them more suited for heavier loads.

Hammer-In Plasterboard Fixing - A rapid light duty plasterboard fixing with zinc plating & yellow passivated, to enhance corrosion resistance. Serrated point for easy hammering and quick installation. 

These plasterboard cavity wall fixings have all the choices for your fixing need. you can find all types of plasterboard cavity wall fixings anchors at BoltWorld.