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Clutch Head

Buy Clutch Head which are also known as One way security screws from Boltworld. These Clutch Head are driven by a flat blade screw driver as well as clutch driver and it can not be removed once it is fitted. Clutch Head can only be operate in clockwise motion.Clutch head screws are generally classed as permanent fixings.

Boltworld deals with different types of Clutch head screws like we have
Security Self--Tapper Clutch Head Round Head S/S A2.
Security Self--Tapper Clutch Countersunk S/S A2.
Security Round Head Clutch Head Machine Screws S/S A2.
Clutch Head Countersunk Self Tapping Zinc Plated.

We offer different sizes of Clutch Head. We stock wide range of sizes of Clutch Head from which you can find any size by just searching it.

We also stock all kinds of Security screws and Fasteners.clutch head